In the grim, dark future, there is only war.
Being press-ganged on all sides by xenos and chaos alike, your odds of survival are slim. You and your crew must make your stand and turn the tides of the oncoming war. For better or for worse. The choices you make sway the fate of the galaxy like you would never know. Being apart of a Rogue Trader crew has its advantages, but with every advantage, many disadvantages arise. You may be beyond the reach of the Imperium, but you are far from free. An unknown heretic has been reaking some havoc in the expanse and more than a few of your loved ones have been affected. The only link between all of these incidents is one phrase left after every attack: “When the black sun sets, and the Expanse is torn asunder, only then will I rest.” So far the only places hit have been Port Wander, Seldon’s Folly, and Zayth. No one knows where to start looking but it is only a matter of time before things get more out of hand. The time has come for heroes to step up and defend the expanse they have sworn to explore and protect. Will you be the ones to prevent the end, or allow it to happen for your own gain?

Darkness Ascended